Three amazing cross-court variations to help your game.

March 3, 2015 12:00 pm

Do you know how to hit three different cross court variations so you can outplay your opponent? Keep watching and I will tell you more about it.

When I’m coaching I usually divide the court into five different areas to explain to my students where they should try to hit the ball, so if we start with the line here, so everything behind this line, closer to the baseline, that is a good, deep ball. I draw a line from about here in the middle and then out to the side like that and do it on the same side. So on the corners, I call this area three, in the middle area four, and on the other side also area three, and from about here on both sides I call this area two and from about here, like this, area one. And now I want to talk about the three different cross court variations.

If you are behind the baseline or maybe far behind the baseline, you’re maybe also far and to the side, a good way is to aim for area number three like this. If you’re standing in a better position, let’s say you’re on the baseline and maybe even inside the baseline, you can start hitting strong shots to area number two and if you’re in a good position, or maybe in a bad position, you’re behind the baseline because your opponent is putting you under heavy pressure and coming to the net, maybe you have to hit a very angled cross court, then I call it, you hit to the area number one like this. And you see what’s happening. If you were to hit to area number three, your opponent maybe have to run this far to this side. If you hit to area number two, your opponent has to run further, and if you hit a very sharp angle to area number one, you move him or her even further to the side.

So if you can learn to play all three variations of cross court shots to area number three when you go in for a deep shot and want to move your opponent to the side, area number two when you maybe can hit a full swing with a lot of top speed and you’re in a better position and control of the point and you want to force your opponent to the side, or even better, sometimes if you’re able to do it when you’re opponent’s at the net you maybe can aim, angle the shot off to area number one or hit a softer shot to the number one and really open up the court. And then if you can use these three variations in a good way you will win more point and you, for sure, will open up the court for an open shot, in this case to the back hand side if you play against a right hander.

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