Key elements of a great two-handed backhand.

April 7, 2015 4:53 pm

Let’s go over all the key elements of the solid two-handed topspin backhand. Let’s start with the grip. On your dominant hand, you want a continental grip like a hammer. The non-dominant hand, you want an Eastern forehand grip like shaking hands. Both hands are together. Your feet you’re either going to head facing the mat with an open stance or you’re going to step into the shot. Anything in between will work. You want to avoid crossing over too much. As the ball comes, you’re going to take the racket back by turning your shoulders. You want to make sure that the racket is a little bit over the hand, the racket head, and then it’s going to drop under the incoming ball. So your shoulders are turning, your racket is dropping and when you’re hitting you’re rotating into the shot. You’re bringing your racket from low to high, inside out, making contact in front of the body and then the racket is going to go through and over a little bit. At the end of the shot, you want to be facing forward. Your hip is open. So, the whole swing looks like this, ball is coming, turn your shoulders, drop the racket head, swing out and up, make contact in front, hit through the shot and bring the racket behind your shoulder. Those are all the elements of a solid two-handed backhand.

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