A ball machine drill – slice approach and volley shot

February 11, 2015 3:03 pm

So this is a video of me copying a ball machine drill done by John French, and I’ve posted a link to his video in the notes below, so thanks to John for this idea for a ball machine drill. The drill itself is a simple drill. You try to hit a slice approach shot and then you approach the net, try to hit your split step just right and then hit a good volley that’s angled, then you simply back up and do it again. One of the really good side effects of this drill is it’s a fairly tiring drill. If you hit a number of these in a row you’re pretty tired in the end, and I’m feeling like I’ve done this drill a couple times on video now and I can do this drill pretty well. I can hit the slice shot and hit a volley, usually pretty good, but the quality of where that ball goes. Is the angle really good on the volley? Is the slice really into the corner and really low? That, there’s a lot of room for improvement so I like this drill a lot an plan to do it some more.

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