Relaxed Tennis Tips

December 31, 2014 10:00 am

I got three good tips for you to play relaxed tennis out there. We’ve all experienced that moment when we feel tense on the court. Tight, nervous and to play good tennis it’s very important to be relaxed mentally. Hit relaxed in a relaxed way. Also to have relaxed strokes. So, first of all I’m going to address an issue here that I haven’t seen anywhere which is very basic and important for you to have a relaxed stroke. It has to do with the size of your rib, guys. The number you use. Your racket. L3, L4.L5. How big is the grip in relation to the size of your hand. How long are your fingers. So, here comes a little trick you can use here. A rule of thumb to know if your racket is the style, ideal size for you. So, you can measure from now and of if you’ve got the right one. Between the ring finger here, which is the second finger and your hand there should be an exact size of the other hands index finger here. If you just lay it here, between the ring finger and the hand, you see. So, you got my racket, here is the correct size for my size of hand because you can see that between my ring finger and my hand you got the exact measurement of the index finger on the other hand. Now, if I had the other hand, I’m gonna force it here so you can see, if I had the ring finger touching the hand here then it’s too thin. This racket is too thin for me. Most likely when I grip it, I’m gonna be squ, squeezing it too hard. You squeeze it too hard then all the muscles in your arm tense up. So, you don’t want to have a racket in which you have, in which you can basically touch the fingers here in your hand. You got to have a little bit of room in between the ring finger of your hand here, the size of your other index finger and if you hold the racket and it’s way too big here that you can even fit in two fingers, then this racket is too big for you and your not holding, gripping the racket firm enough to hit a solid stroke. So guys, index finger between the ring finger and the hand. good rule of thumb for you have the right size of racket so you don’t grip it too tight, therefore, you have the relaxed forearm muscles to hit that shot. Second, how much you squeeze the racket is very important, too. A lot of people trying not to miss, trying hard to make the shot, hit the, squeezing the racket too hard in their hand. You can see the fingernails here, even, white, you know and that’s not good either. On the other hand, if you leave it too loose then the racket can, like, spin in your hand in here when the ball hits and then it’s not firm, it’s not solid. So, you can even play around with your racket like this, spinning it around and leaving, leaving your fingers loose here like this and then you keep squeezing it harder and harder and harder until you feel it, until it gets to the point that the racket doesn’t spin in your hand anymore. That’s enough. That’s as hard as you want to be grippin’ it. I joke around with the kids. You hold a racket like it was a little bird. If you squeeze it too much, you’ll hurt it. You might even kill it and if you leave it open the bird might fly away. So, you only hold it firm enough so you feel absolute control over it and that’s the same with your racket here, guys. So, the first two tips don’t forget. Correct size of grip for your hand and don’t hold too tight. The third tip has to do with the way you breathe. A lot of people also out there when they are trying hard, concentrating, they end up holding their breathe when they are hitting. You know and even in their expression they are going and they are moving around and when they set up to hit and when they are about to hit they go and they’re holding their breathe and that doesn’t work, guys. We need to let the air out when we hit. You see the pros out there grunting when they hit. Some girls who even grunt loud and there’s all kinds of grunt. Ahhh, ohhh, uhhh. You can even have your own grunt. Let the air out, literally as if you are blowing it. I remember to this day the first time, one of the first times that I went to the US Open back in the ’80s, late ’80s early ’90s, seeing Michael Change play and Michael would literally blow. As if he was blowing a balloon. He would go whoo, whoo. You didn’t hear any grunt, but you heard that loud blow from outside the court. That was Michael just letting it out. Whoo. Every shot he hit, whoo, and you see many other pros doing that, too. So, have your own style. Try not to nag anybody with an annoying grunt, but make sure that when you hit the ball, you exhale. You let the air out. It keeps you relaxed and it also helps oxygenating your blood and your, your, you’ll have better aerobic effect and you can even last longer in the match and not feel so tired all the time. A lot of being tired has to do with you holding your breathe while you’re hitting, too. OK. So, the trick is to inhale when you prepare and exhale when you hit. So, when you take the racket back you take in air and when you hit you let it out. Inhale, exhale. You can have a little grunt. Huhh and that way you maybe feel, you know, even in a mental effect of that you’re hitting the ball with authority. Same with martial arts, you know. You see them go, yeah, yeah, and they let the air out with that grunt because then you feel like you’re really going all out and giving it all, OK and not holding back at all. Guys, three tips. Have the correct grip for your hand, don’t grip it too tight, let the air out when you hit and you’re going to see that you’re going to play a lot more relaxed tennis out there. OK. As a quick note on the end here. I’ve gone to the extreme of helping people that just could not let the air out or just could not release that tension and I made them play whistling. Literally whistling. As if you are going down the riverbank to go fishing. You’re going, So, you can go out there practice hitting some balls whistling. It’s practically impossible to be whistling and be tight at the same time. If you’re whistling and you play tight tennis, you’re whistle becomes broken up and becomes stroboscopic [whistles]. It becomes and it just doesn’t flow. But, if you whistle you’ll see that you’re strokes come out nice and loose. Kind of crazy, but it works.

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