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October 10, 2014 2:57 pm

Hey everyone, today I want to show you one of my favorite training devices. This is the Tennis Twist Ball Machine, and basically what it is is it’s a small, inexpensive ball machine that throws your balls that are very similar to a hand feed. As a coach, I’ve been hand feeding balls to people for a long time when they’re working on their strokes. Now I just use this, and I can stand next to the student and correct them. It’s very efficient. But it’s even better for you, if you’re trying to work on your strokes by yourself without a coach, you can use this thing and it’s just perfect. Okay, I’m going to demonstrate right now, going to turn it on. And, as you can see, the ball comes out very easy, always the same spot, always the same spin. This is very important when you’re first working on your technique because you want to have the same ball all the time so that you can master the stroke this way first. Now, I can also use it to work on my volleys. Okay, I’m going to turn it off. So, that’s basically it, that’s the Tennis Twist Ball Machine. And if you’re trying to improve your technique, I highly recommend that you get one of these. Summary: Demonstrating the use and benefit of the Tennis Twist Ball Machine.

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