2 Great Practice Sessions

December 16, 2014 10:00 am

I want to talk to you about two very important components that you need to have in your practice sessions if you want to get better. These components are focus and intensity. When I watched the top players in practice at Indian Wells last year, I saw an incredible amount of focus and intensity, and I see that lacking a lot of times with junior players, as well as adult recreational players. When we watch somebody like Nadal practice, we see that there is a very high level of intensity close to what he has in matches, and there’s also a very high level of focus. So, he’s focused on every single shot and every single shot matters a lot to him. That is something that you really have to learn and apply in your practice sessions if you want to improve. Let’s take a close look here. In the clip you just saw, Rafa was just hitting balls basically. He was not playing points, he was not doing a specific drill, this was relatively early in the practice sessions and he was hitting balls almost only down the middle with his practice partner. The amount of focus and intensity is just incredible. Let’s take a look at another practice clip from Rafa here. So, Rafa is really focused on the process of hitting every single shot and moving in between. Possibly, he’s working on some minor technical things, but he’s definitely focused on his footwork and his intensity. The main point here is that Rafa is not just hitting balls. He’s totally focused on whatever he’s working on at the moment and he’s focused on every single shot. Now, let’s take a look at a practice clip from Caroline Wozniacki, former world #1. Now, Wozniacki does not have a very big game, she doesn’t have the best technique. But she became #1 in the world by being a tough competitor, she practices with high intensity and she has great focus on the court. So, let’s take a look. As you could see, Caroline also has a very high level of focus and intensity in her practice sessions. The question to ask yourself is how focused and intense are you during your practice sessions? Are you out there, and does every single ball matter to you? Are you focused on the process, regardless of what you’re working on? Or are you maybe just sometimes out there and hitting balls around and missing way too many shots? If you enjoyed this video, I’d like to ask you to click the “Like” button below and also subscribe to my Youtube channel if you haven’t done so yet, because then you will receive all of the newest videos. Summary: Remaining focused and intense not only in your live matches, but just as importantly, in your practice sessions as well, will lead to greater success.

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